Why does the fire hydrant and fire hose connection leak?


There are four reasons for the leakage of the hose inte […]

There are four reasons for the leakage of the hose interface: human factors; factors of the fire hydrant outlet itself; factors of the interface connection method; factors of the rubber seal ring.
Human Factors:
The main reason is that the assembly is not in place, the circlips fall off, and the improper operation causes the hose to be rolled and compressed, causing water leakage. Training can be used to improve assembly skills and operating skills, and solve human factors.
Fire hydrant outlet and connection method:
There are problems with the fire hydrant outlet and its connection method. Since the existing fire hydrant outlet and hose interface adopt the internal buckle connection method, and the internal buckle connection method is likely to cause leakage.
By changing the connection method, that is, using the card-type connection method, the problem of water leakage at the hose interface can be eliminated, which not only reduces the waste of water resources, but also avoids the reduction of hose pressure during fire fighting, the reduction of water output and the delay of fire extinguishing time. However, changing the way of tying the hose can prevent leakage, rusting, fracture, and scratching of users.

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