Does the fire hose need daily cleaning and care?


Fire hoses are commonly used fire-fighting equipment. M […]

Fire hoses are commonly used fire-fighting equipment. Most of the hoses are made of polyurethane lining and have a polyester woven layer on the outside. After the water is discharged on the soil surface, a large amount of soil will adhere to the surface of the hose, which makes it difficult to clean up. In addition, after long-term use, the surface of the hose often adheres to dirt, dust, stains, etc.
The remote water supply hose system often plays a vital role in fire fighting, but after the fire, the remote water supply hose is contaminated with a large amount of oily substances and toxic and harmful substances. Unsafe and harmful to the human body.
Regular cleaning and care of fire hoses is conducive to prolonging the service life of the hoses, keeping combat vehicles and equipment tidy and orderly, enhancing the intimacy and love of fire fighters for equipment, and providing protection for fire fighting operations.
Like the daily maintenance of the vehicle, the hose requires daily cleaning and care. The hose can be cleaned by manual devices, cleaned with a cleaning connector, cleaned with the recommended washing machine, or cleaned with a professional hose washing machine, depending on the difference Choose different hose cleaning devices and methods for the use environment.

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