What kind of fire fighting knowledge can save lives?


What are the hidden fire hazards in daily life and work […]

What are the hidden fire hazards in daily life and work? How to prevent, investigate and eliminate these hidden fire hazards? The following summarizes the knowledge of fire prevention:
First, do a good job of primary fire prevention, which can reduce the incidence of fire by 60%
1. To raise awareness of fire safety in the whole society, maintain fire safety, and prevent fires from happening is not just a unit’s business, nor is it just the fire department and responsibility, but the common responsibility of the whole society.
2. All production and business units and responsible units for fire prevention must tighten the string of fire safety, and attach great importance to fire safety in terms of system, personnel allocation, equipment allocation, and management.
3. It is necessary to strengthen the drill of the fire emergency plan, and usually organize one or two fire safety studies a year.
4. It is necessary to strengthen fire safety inspections, inspections, rectification and other tasks, to grasp it from time to time, every day, and the responsibility to the post and the person.
Second, do more advanced precautions, which can reduce the incidence of fires by another 20%
In addition, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of social economy, as well as the development of Internet and cloud data technology, scientific and technological means such as the Internet of Fire Fighting can also be used to improve the management level and technological content of fire safety. Once a fire occurs, it will be discovered in time. , Timely alarm and timely disposal can significantly reduce the probability of fire. The current fire protection networking has been widely used in petrochemical, banking, hospital, education and other industries, as well as in various units and communities.
Third, starting from yourself as a fire fighter can increase the survival rate of you and your family by 80%
Everyone can become a firefighting enthusiast, and you must learn relevant firefighting knowledge and escape knowledge. Promote fire protection knowledge, establish fire protection concepts, strengthen fire protection construction, and drive more people around to join the fire protection knowledge publicity. Be good at observing the fire hazards around you and report to the local fire department in time. This is an act of virtuous and good deeds. While reducing the risk of fire in the entire society, it also protects oneself and family from fire damage.

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