What are the performance characteristics and dimensions of the fire blanket?


Main performance characteristics: Non-combustible, high […]

Main performance characteristics:
Non-combustible, high temperature resistant (550~1100℃), soft, smooth, tight, and non-irritating to the skin, it is an ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that need to stay away from the heat source, and it is very easy to wrap the uneven surface The object can be reused without damage.
Fire extinguishing principle: Cover the fire source and block the air to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire.
In the early stage of fire, the fire blanket is directly covered with the fire source, and the fire source can be extinguished in a short time.
main application:
1. In the event of a fire, cover your own body with a fire escape blanket or wrap the body of the rescued object, and quickly escape from the fire scene, which provides good help for self-rescue or safe evacuation of people. If a fire blanket can be worn after a real fire accident occurs, the risk of burns can be greatly reduced.
2. A simple and convenient initial fire extinguishing tool for enterprises, shopping malls, ships, automobiles, and civil buildings.
Standard sizes:
1000*1000MM, 1200*1200MM, 1500*1500MM, 1800*1200MM,
1800*1800MM, can be customized

Fire Blankets

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