How to remove water stains in the hose?


Some tools, like us, have to be cleaned and maintained […]

Some tools, like us, have to be cleaned and maintained regularly after they have been used for a long time. When the hose is in use, there will be some water stains. Many users don't care about these. They think that the hose itself is used for water transportation and feel that there is no harm. But we have to remove the water stains to ensure the hose quality.
The hose is a kind of hose. The inner and outer layers are coated with a layer of PVC, namely polyvinyl chloride, so its layer is relatively smooth, which reduces the resistance in use and is convenient for installation and use. The PVC coated on the inner and outer layers also makes the hose more effective to prevent aging during use and storage. It not only has strong adaptability, but also the smoothness after coating makes it easier to wash. In modern industry and agriculture It has played an important role and has been recognized by more and more users.
The foam conveying hose must be carefully scrubbed to protect the glue layer. In order to remove the grease on the hose, it can be washed with warm water or soap. For the frozen hose, it must be melted first, and then washed and dried to extend its service life. The hose that has not been dried should not be stored in a roll. When laying, avoid sudden bending to avoid reducing the ability of water pressure resistance. The working pressure should be within the scale specified by this product model. At the same time, avoid hard and heavy objects on the hose during laying. When the vehicle needs to pass the laying hose, the hose bridge should be installed at the passing position in advance.
The dirt contaminated by the products of Ningbo Jianmei Special Hose Co., Ltd. can be directly removed with toothpaste and detergent. If it is a stubborn stain, it can be blanched with hot water for a period of time, and then it will be much easier to clean it. A soft cloth moistened with decontamination powder can gently wipe the dirt on the plastic surface.

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