• How to use fire hose?

    How to use fire hose?

    1. Open the fire hydrant door and take out the hose and water gun. 2. Check whether the hose and joints are in good condition. If damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use it. 3. Lay the hose in the direction of the fire to avoid twisting. 4. Connect the hose near the end of the fire hydrant to the ... read more

    Sep 03,2020 News
  • Prevent fires, before it starts

    Prevent fires, before it starts

    These overlooked life safety devices are often ignored, even by the fire community, playing a crucial part in maintaining us safe. It’s time to give the respect that fire extinguishers deserve. Fire extinguishers are unseen red cans on walls for most individuals, never looked at, seldom regarded. Bu... read more

    Aug 04,2019 Company News
  • Protector Of Your Life

    Protector Of Your Life

    Fire is one the major components of life, but it can be dangerous to it when not handled properly, fire safety is a necessity and when not used can be hazardous to life itself, fire safety equipments hold a lot of importance and can be a difference between life and death. Along with other fire equip... read more

    Dec 25,2019 Industry News
  • Fire Safety and Protection – Our Number One Priority

    Fire Safety and Protection – Our Number One Priority

    Fire safety in the workplace and in households is very essential. Many individuals suffer from fire burns every year, with firefighting equipment and adequate fire protection, fire safety can be ensured  Elite Fire and Safety Solution is one of the leading company in the field of Fire Safety and Pro... read more

    Apr 04,2020 Company News