How to use fire hose and how to choose it?


Fire hoses are commonly used in various water supply an […]

Fire hoses are commonly used in various water supply and drainage operations. Our common ones are pvc-lined hoses and polyurethane-lined hoses. Many people use them for the first time or use less. They don’t know how to use fire hoses and how to choose them. Let's talk about the use of fire hoses and related matters of selection techniques.

1. How to use fire hose
1. First check whether the hose, water gun and connector are intact. If they are damaged, they cannot be used.
2. Lay the hose. At this time, pay attention to avoid contact with sharp objects and oily items during the laying process, and be sure not to bend the fire hose.
3. When connecting the hose, insert the connecting buckle into the chute accurately, tighten it in a clockwise direction, and connect the other end to the water gun in the same way.
4. After use, clean the fire-fighting belt. The foamed fire-fighting hose must be carefully washed to protect the glue layer. After washing, dry it in the air, roll it and place it, and keep it away from heat sources and acid-alkaline items when storing.

Second, the selection skills of fire hose
If you want to do a good job in water supply and drainage, you must choose a good quality hose and choose a fire hose that suits you. Generally, we should do this when choosing:
1. To be clear about your needs, choose a fire hose that suits you from the working pressure, required pipe diameter and use characteristics, and pay special attention to the use of fire hoses not to exceed the pressure of the hose to avoid water leakage from the burst pipe.
2. When choosing a fire hose, pay attention to the smooth and bright skin of the hose. There is no breakage, jump diameter, or looseness of the braided wire with leather.
3. The glue of the fire hose should be soft, smooth, non-toxic and tasteless, without cracking and degumming, bending the hose or scratching the glue with a hard object without obvious white marks.
4. Fire hoses must comply with industry quality standards.

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