How to identify the quality of lined fire hose?


Among the numerous fire extinguishing equipment, lining […]

Among the numerous fire extinguishing equipment, lining fire hose is a series of products that are indispensable for fire fighting. You must know how to transport sufficient water to the fire scene without it? In the face of the blazing flame, how can it reduce unnecessary losses in an effective time?

Therefore, when using this equipment, we must master its characteristics in order to make better use of it, and can easily distinguish its quality? Focus on the above two points to understand the indispensable members of this firefighting.

Features of lining fire hose
In order to satisfy that the work site can be moved arbitrarily, manufacturers usually choose lining materials. The flexible tube body can be bent and folded at will, and it is much more convenient to use. In addition, this type of hose has the advantage that it is not restricted by terrain conditions, is resistant to wear, does not leak, and has low water flow resistance, which can meet all the needs of firefighters.

Quality identification of lined fire hose
It can be clearly distinguished through the woven layer of the hose. Usually these woven layers are made up of warp threads and weft threads. If you find that there are more latitude and longitude lines above, it means that this product has good pressure resistance. Moreover, after the breaking force of the lined fire hose is increased, the abrasion resistance is also enhanced.

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