What are the main reasons for the unqualified fire hose?


Adhesion strength, hot air aging, and burst pressure ar […]

Adhesion strength, hot air aging, and burst pressure are three important indicators for assessing the quality of fire hose products. They are key items to measure the quality of fire hoses. They are used as hoses for conveying extinguishing agent or water during the fire extinguishing process. Under certain pressure, not only can it not play the role of extinguishing the fire in the actual fire fighting process, but it even brings serious safety hazards to the firefighters who carry out fire fighting.
There are three main reasons for the unqualified:
(1) Analysis from the appearance quality of the hose braid and the material of the weft. The appearance quality of the hose braid is inconsistent, the quality of the weft yarn used is poor, and it is easily broken during the tensile test. The outdated hose braiding equipment is also one of the reasons why the quality of the hose braid is not good enough.
(2) Analyze the quality and material of the lining. The processing environment of the lining materials of the enterprise is poor, and the operation is relatively rough. The raw materials purchased are not strictly inspected and analyzed, and the quality of the raw materials is ignored, which directly leads to the unstable quality of the lining materials.
(3) Analyze from the production process. When the braid layer is combined with the lining material, the temperature used is between 170°C and 200°C. The production line of the enterprise is simple, the equipment is outdated, it lacks the necessary measuring and testing equipment, and the ability to control temperature and the glue used in combination is poor.
(4) From the sizing analysis of hose lining and braid. The enterprise does not strictly control the sizing process, such as uneven sizing or sizing amount that does not meet the requirements, incorrect type or model of glue, and unqualified glue quality. The gluing process control cannot meet the process requirements, such as insufficient gluing time, bonding temperature or pressure not meeting the process requirements, etc., resulting in the adhesion strength between the lining and the braid not meeting the product standard requirements.

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