What should I pay attention to when the fire hose is bent?


In the application of fire hose, its equipment matching […]

In the application of fire hose, its equipment matching is greatly affected by its adaptability and safety. The realization of the performance of the product depends on the guarantee and use of standardized operation techniques and items, especially the hose under bending It is especially noteworthy.

In the bending application of the hose, it should be used under the condition of the small turning radius or more. A small turn is half the diameter of the coffin x 4 times. If the turning radius is too small, the plastic coating will be broken and the service life of the hose will be reduced. When used for conveying powder and granules, the bending radius of the hose should be enlarged as much as possible according to the site conditions and actual conditions. When used with metal joints, do not use the hose in an extremely bent state.

In addition, in the process of bending and storing the fire hose, the rupture of the product due to the repeatability of the folding line should also be avoided. Some folding techniques can be used to effectively resolve and avoid the aging of the product to increase the service life of the hose.

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