What should I do with the generator heating fire hose? How to adjust the speed of the fire hose?


The use of fire hose sprinklers will affect the use eff […]

The use of fire hose sprinklers will affect the use effect of the hose. Therefore, to ensure its use effect, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the sprinkler regularly.  
When adjusting the nozzle speed, you can tighten or loosen the rocker spring to achieve. The rocker arm is unsuspended on the rocker arm shaft. You can also turn the adjustment screw to adjust the water penetration depth of the rocker arm head to control the nozzle speed. Adjust the reverse position to change the reverse speed.
Secondly, pay attention to the sign that the speed of the fire hose is adjusted well, as far as possible under the premise of not producing surface runoff.
The black and white of fire hoses are common in agricultural irrigation, but the generator will generate heat during the irrigation process. So what is the cause of the motor heat, let's get to know!
Excessive flow and overload operation. At this time, the outlet valve can be closed to control the water flow; if it is rubbed, the unfavorable factors can be checked clearly to prevent accidents; the motor bearing is damaged. It should be time to replace the bearings; power is insufficient. It is to stabilize the voltage and control the power.
The fire hose reminds us to stop the machine when necessary until it causes unnecessary loss. Then we can find a professional repair factory to carry out

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