What aspects of fire hose should be paid attention to?


Fire hoses are widely used in farmland irrigation, drip […]

Fire hoses are widely used in farmland irrigation, drip irrigation systems, aquaculture production, various liquid transportation, etc. They are important partners of farmers and a good helper in production and life. The interface is the main connecting tool between the hoses, and the interface function of the hose is to connect the hose with the pump and the agricultural plug. However, many people do not know how to install and use it. Here is what you should pay attention to:
First, when connecting the plug-in interface, insert it until you hear the sound of the spring pin of the female interface extending to the card slot of the male interface to ensure reliable connection.
Second, when connecting the internal buckle interface, insert the buckle claw into the chute and screw it in place in a clockwise direction. When connecting the hose, you need to straighten the hose and twist the hose so that the interface can be disconnected by itself.
Remind you that when using or storing, you should avoid falling, bumping and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and difficult assembly and disassembly. Before connecting, you should carefully check the chute and sealing part. If there is debris such as sludge and sand, remove it to avoid Poor sealing and difficult assembly and disassembly.
The service life of the fire hose also needs to be kept by the user, so that the hose can last longer.

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