What should be paid attention to when using fire hose?


Pay attention to when using fire hose: 1. Sudden twists […]

Pay attention to when using fire hose:
1. Sudden twists and turns should be avoided during laying to prevent the ability to withstand water pressure from being reduced; twisting should also be avoided to prevent the hose from turning after being filled with water and disengaging the inner buckle hose connector.
2. After filling with water, avoid dragging forcibly on the ground. When you need to change the position, try to lift and move it to reduce the wear of the hose and the ground.
3. Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as oils, acids and alkalis.
4. In areas where there may be flames or strong radiant heat, cotton or linen hose should be used.
5. It should be cleaned after use, and the unlined hose should be hung in the sun. After drying, the coil should be stored in a cool and dry place.
6. If any small holes are found to be damaged during use, it should be wrapped tightly with a hose cloth, and darn or glued as soon as possible afterwards; when there is obvious damage, immediately withdraw from combat readiness.
7. When vehicles need to pass the laying water belt, a water belt bridge should be installed at the passing position in advance.
8. If you need to pass the railway when laying, you should pass under the rail.
9. Lined hoses should be used outside the buildings in cold areas to prevent the hoses from freezing.

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