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Fire is one the major components of life, but it can be […]

Fire is one the major components of life, but it can be dangerous to it when not handled properly, fire safety is a necessity and when not used can be hazardous to life itself, fire safety equipments hold a lot of importance and can be a difference between life and death.

Along with other fire equipment products, fire doors are major safety equipment, for daily usage, the basic function of a fire door is just like any other door. Since a fire escape is never routine, however, unlike any other door, the fire door must then carry out its primary purpose-to save life and secure the rest of the building and other structures. 

Fire doors are made to withstand fire spread over a given period of time, usually at least 30 minutes. This allows a building’s residents time to escape. Fire doors can be made of solid metal or with a special frame, often a flax board or a slow-burning wood composite material. These are also made of special caps, mounted either in the window or frame to secure the door on impact with heat to stop the spread of flame and/or smoke around the door’s edges.

Elite fire is one of the leading and competitive companies in the field of Fire & Safety Protection industry in Pakistan, and is committed to delivering products and services that helps people and keeps their property safe, Our fire doors are one of the major fire and safety equipment, and we provide High-Quality Fire Doors, Rolling Shutters, Wood finished fireproof door, and steel doors from Prequalified Suppliers.

Rolling Shutter

Rolling shutter is an automatic fire door that provides maximum fire exposure protection. This fire door is a fire door of value designed for long-term use and reliability. These can be connected to fire alarms and smoke detectors as well as any building alarms

With the lowest cost of ownership in a sleek, conveniently assembled kit, they have become the simple and secure option for building owners and developers who require the highest level of safety and fire protection possible.

Wood Finish Steel Doors

In keeping people safe and preventing property damage during a blaze, wood finish steel doors and frames play a vital role. In addition, thanks to a properly installed and maintained fire door, there has never been a loss of life. 

While steel doors are known for providing a high level of safetyElite Fire provides a perfect balance of appearance and purpose, with esthetically alluring wood finish steel doors.

Fire Rated Doors

Designed and manufactured by engineers with comprehensive Fire Safety expertise. The Fire Rated Door is an ideal product for protecting commercial squares, iconic buildings, and critical infrastructure in the event of fire hazard, assembled in our manufacturing facilities using heavy gage materials to give maximum strength and durability.

Elite fire’s mission is to establish human Life, Safety and Security as an important human obligation in the Industries, and empower customers to secure life.

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