What is the product function of the multifunctional water gun?


Multifunctional water gun is one of the different class […]

Multifunctional water gun is one of the different classifications of fire water guns according to the jet form and characteristics. It can spray direct jets, mist jets, and some can also spray water curtains, and several water streams can be converted to each other and used in combination, with strong maneuverability and good adaptability to the fire scene.
Made of new aluminum alloy as the main raw material, the surface is T5 heat treated and anodized, hard and corrosion resistant.
The front end of the gun head is equipped with turbine teeth, which can spray excellently, can effectively absorb heat and adsorb smoke, protect the safety of operators, and can be suitable for fighting live fires. When spraying mixed foam liquid, adjust the front and back expansion of the gun head protective cover to spray high quality Foam, the water flow switch and pistol grip are designed according to ergonomics, which is convenient to open and close the water flow and effectively control the spray direction. It is also suitable for use as a large flow water gun under fixed conditions.
The adjustable recoilless multifunctional fire water gun is equipped with adjustable functions such as flow pattern, flow rate, opening and closing water flow, preventing water belt from twisting:
1. Flow state regulator: It can be used to change the spray state, make the water flow or be in the state of water column, in order to strengthen the water power, in an umbrella state, can increase the effective area of ​​the spray, in order to facilitate the spray cooling, absorb heat and smoke dust.
2. Flow regulator: It can adjust the flow changes of 5 gears, respectively, and obtain: 150L/min, 350L/min, 450L/min, 550L/min and a variety of spraying methods of gun chamber high pressure flushing, which can meet a variety of Many changing requirements for fire fighting.
3. Horseshoe annular water flow switch: An aluminum alloy ball valve is set in the gun body to open and close the water flow.
4. Rotary shaft type direction sleeve: adjustable water belt can prevent the water belt from twisting and knotting and blocking water flow.
Adjustable recoilless multifunctional fire water gun: The water gun has the advantages of low reaction force, once operated, the flow rate and jet state can be adjusted according to the fire fighting needs, and it is convenient to straighten out the twisting and knotting phenomenon of the hose.

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