What are the fire hose accessories?


Hose accessories mainly refer to the accessories necess […]

Hose accessories mainly refer to the accessories necessary to connect and use fire hoses, including interfaces, water separators, etc.
1. interface
The interface is the connection between the hose and the hose, fire pump, fire hydrant or mobile water monitor. Mainly include hose interface, pipe thread interface, valve cover, internal thread fixed interface, external thread fixed interface, reducing interface, special-shaped interface, etc.
Pay attention to:
(1) When using and storing, avoid falling, bumping and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and make assembly and disassembly difficult.
(2) Before connecting, check the chute and sealing parts carefully. If there is debris such as sludge and sand, it must be removed in time to prevent difficult assembly and disassembly and poor sealing.
(3) When connecting the inner buckle interface, insert the buckle claw into the chute and then screw it fully clockwise. When connecting the hose, you need to straighten the hose and twist the hose so that the interface can be disconnected by itself.
(4) When connecting the plug-in interface, insert it until you hear the sound of the spring pin of the female interface extending to the card slot of the male interface to ensure reliable connection.
(5) Avoid contact with chemicals such as acids and alkalis during storage to prevent corrosion of metal parts and deterioration of rubber seals.
2. Trap
The water separator is a connecting device that divides the water flow of the outlet line from the branch water flow. According to the number of branch lines, there are two points, three points and four points.

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