What are the fire hose accessories?


The fire hose accessories include hose cloth, hose hook […]

The fire hose accessories include hose cloth, hose hook, hose bridge, interface, water separator, etc.
①The hose wrapping cloth (also called clip) is used to wrap the leaking part of the fire hose, and it is one of the necessary accessories on the fire truck. It is composed of canvas belt and metal clamps.
②Hose hook is a tool for hanging fire hoses. In the fire fighting, when laying the hose vertically to a high place, the hose hook is used to hang the hose on a ladder or other objects, which can reduce the falling force of the hose, but also It is convenient for water gunners to operate the water gun to shoot water to extinguish the fire. The hose hook is composed of a canvas belt, a metal hook and a half ring.
③The water belt bridge is used to protect the equipment that does not affect normal vehicle driving when the water belt is laid on the main traffic road. It has the characteristics of high strength, compression resistance and durability, and convenient cleaning.
④There are many types of interfaces, including hose interface, pipe thread interface, reducing interface, special-shaped interface, threaded interface, etc. It is used for the connection of water hose and water hose, fire hydrant, fire pump, water gun and other spray devices. According to the structure, it can be divided into internal button type, plug-in type and thread type.
1. Reducing interface
The different-diameter interface is used to connect two different-caliber interfaces on the fire water supply line. For example, connecting two different-caliber hoses requires a reducing interface.
2. Irregular interface
The special-shaped interface is used for the connection of two different types of interfaces.
3. Water separator
It is a connector that divides the main hose line into several hose branch lines.
The main purpose of the water separator, a water separator has one water inlet and two or more water outlets. The water outlets can be used at the same time or separately. The water outlets have switch devices, which can be switched on and off at any time to control the water flow for easy increase. Or change the branch water belt to save the water belt, shorten the water outlet time, and ensure the water supply of the fire site in time.
4. Water collector
It is a device that integrates two or three streams of water into one stream, called a water collector

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